Transplant Surgery

There is nothing more complex than doing Transplants, and for that reason, we work with a team of medical professionals that are veterans in the field of Transplant Surgeries.

Transplant Surgery

Some colleagues perceive transplant surgeons to be workaholics who barely see the light of day. Although transplant surgeons do require stamina and the ability to work hard, you don't need to be Superman or Superwoman. You need to be attracted to “big” surgery—long operations on sick patients requiring intensive support services. You must be committed, analytical, and have excellent communication skills. An interest in immunology is an advantage. Transplant surgery is one of the most “medical” of surgical specialties—you need a good working knowledge of medicine, infectious diseases, and pharmacology. The shortage of donor organs means that you have to come to terms with making potential life or death decisions regarding who is put on the transplant operation waiting list. Most importantly, it is essential that you are comfortable working in a multidisciplinary environment where decisions are made collectively. The most common causes of liver failure that require transplantation are cirrhosis due to primary biliary cirrhosis, alcoholic cirrhosis, or viral hepatitis B or C. The liver is the most difficult intra-abdominal organ to transplant because of its size, the risk of torrential bleeding from portal hypertension, and the precision required for fine arterial and biliary anastomosis. Liver transplant surgeons are trained in general surgery and commonly have a practice in hepatobiliary surgery. The United Kingdom has seven liver transplant units: King's College Hospital, Birmingham, Leeds, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Royal Free Hospital, and Newcastle. RnD Healthcare Transplant Surgery Team will provide you with the best Transplant Surgery specialist for your Failing Liver, Heart, Kidneys, Pancreas, with the best treatment options for a long and less painful life with a chance to live properly with less worry.

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